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Probably not the optimum word for today, since I'm not really drifting through life, but that's where the head is at this morning. Yesterday's nausea has gone, replaced by fatigue and mild aching in the shoulders.

Two days and a wakeup before my fifth anniversary here. I called Accountemps yesterday about reactivating my file, and one of their staffers should be calling me back about that today or tomorrow. We'll see how that works out; they had a number of jobs posted on the accountemps.com website that looked promising, so I don't think I need to worry too much about finding some work if the Evil Banking Neighbor decides to cut me loose or I resign in a fit of pique. Given the present staffing situation around here, I don't think the former is too likely, and I'm not feeling particularly aggravated today, so that latter situation probably won't happen either.
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