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ITP, things fall apart and I put my feet up.

The podiatrist appointment went well - apparently I am doing good by my feets even though the soles are getting dry and scarily crackly. Doc recommended throwing out old and busted support stockings and talking to the stocking person at Apria about something different since the zippers keep blowing out. Maybe Velcro's the answer. Maybe not. He also recommended something different to replace the aloe vera and Nexcare I've been rubbing into my soles, and though Amlactin is kinda pricey, Lord knows I can't buy new feet (yet) so I have to take care of the ones I have. In the meantime since all my stockings are busted I need to stay off my feet this weekend. Not that I was planning on hiking 25 miles for great justice, but it's always irritating to get that word. I might be mildly disobedient and get the generic stockings at Walgreens. *shrug*

/b/ was interesting last night - the mods hax0r3d the board so that all the text vanished unless it was in a graphics file.Vast threads of empty commentary, LOL. Actually I guess that's usually what's for dinner at /b/, but this time we didn't have to read it.

This post by Cobb about guilt (especially WRT Oprah, who apparently has gotten on the Cosby train) is also interesting, but for more constructive reasons. RTWT, especially the comments, which are insightful.
Tags: culture w/o politics, medical stuff
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