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2006 in review (first quarter, with extras)

This is more for my own purposes than for anyone else's use, really; if you're a regular reader of this LJ you might as well just skip it and move on.

January was full of random. I lost my small CD holder, and ended the month on antibiotics.

February marked the return of the Carbon, and the mid-month trip to Washington.

March came in with financial problems, a sore elbow, and the death of Kirby Puckett; it continued on through "That's not sweat..." and concluded with an extremely successful AD, even if I was sick for a lot of it.

April wasn't so great. There was more sickness, drama over the ATC Board elections, and phoenixalpha moved back in after breaking up with her fiance.

And I see it's getting close to quitting time. Think I'll clear the PO box before catching the bus; need to swing by stuckintraffik's place so I can get my dolly back. There are boxes that need moving...but not tonight.
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