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The pleasures of domesticity

Went to bed fairly early last night and slept for about twelve hours. Win.
Threw the ham in the boiler, threw in split peas, carrots, etc. Soup ensued. Win.
Played it straight with the robot and just added an egg to the basic recipe. Perfect loaf ensued. Win.
Went through the CDs I recovered from P before she left and ripped everything but Crystal Method. Win.

I also took the time to reclassify all the alternative, pop and rap as rock, which gives me something like sixty hours of music ranging from Pablo Cruise through Public Enemy on to Roxy Music and Metallica. One of the things I think I'll do this week in between hammering away at the registration forms is burn a few mix CDs for the truck and work, since the ones I have are pretty old by now.

If I wasn't waiting for redmartel to show up and collect all the registration forms, I'd be tempted to crash out and get another twelve hours of sleep before work tomorrow, but that would be sloth on an epic scale. So I guess i'll set up the TV/VCR and watch something - say, Shall We Dance?
Tags: domestic stuff, music
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