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Ah, the joys of sharing the laundry with strangers. Finally finished doing the laundry, and as I told jamestrainor, it was like moving mountains. Not helping was one of my idiot neighbors who apparently wandered off to other, more entertaining pursuits and left a load of wet underwear in one of the dryers; this made everything take far longer than it should have.

I spent part of the time working on the stack of registration forms redmartel left me before the holidays. We're going to need T-shirts. Lots of T-shirts.

The rest of the time was spent trying to reduce the pile of dishes, mugs, silverware, etc. that accumulated in the sink this week while I was running around trying to get P out of the country state. This was originally meant to enable soup making and bread baking, but given how washed-out I'm feeling, only the bread will get done. Maybe. Not that the soup is that much work...but I'm just full of tired and fail at the moment.