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I was thinking about what a friend had said

I guess that was predictable. I settled down to kill a couple of hours playing Rise of Nations and the next thing I knew it was 1100. Of course somebody already had stuff in the laundry, but the washer loads were done 15 minutes later, so I came back down and threw them in the hamper that was sitting there and put my loads in.

Nothing else is going to happen in terms of going out until I get the laundry done, and maybe not even then. We'll see how I'm feeling...still a little sore in the shoulders, but sitting over a keyboard for six hours whipping the Aztecs, Sioux, French, Mohawks and Iroquois could account for that.

I was a little hard on the game after the first couple of playthroughs, but now that I have a better idea of how the game works I like it better. Still not crazy about some aspects of the system (for example, the way troops tend to charge off to certain death like mad dogs) and some of it just seems excessively detailed, but there you are. The game will kill you if you're a micromanager - there's just too much going on for you to pay attention to everything all the time, especially once the fighting starts. It's very hard to keep up the tempo of action - you have to exercise some control over the battles, but you also have to pay attention to maintaining a steady flow of reinforcements or else your armies will just erode away.
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