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the half-pints of love and the fifths of stress

I guess this is how people feel when they send their kids off to college.

After P got her suitcase loaded, we heaved it into the Sportage, then went off to refuel the truck and search for the missing keys. Around noon she called Karl and learned that the Palm had shown up but not the truck keys, so we headed out there to pick it up along with the stuff I'd originally planned to retrieve on Saturday. We departed after talking about selling off Melody's book collection and regaling Karl and Joella with the closing lines from "Lobo Town"*.

Lunch ensued, and then I dropped P off at the airport and went to look for the keys on 21st Avenue. No luck there either, as I informed jamestrainor not two minutes before his mother called to get an update. I feel bad about losing the keys. It's not like I care about my ex, but I don't go out of my way to cause her problems, either. This is just unnecessary fatigue-induced tsuris, and nothing I can do about it now.
All this business took up about half the afternoon, so I called in and left a message for my boss that I was taking the rest of the day off.

I'm home, I'm sore, and I'm tired. Think I'll take a couple of Tylenol and a nap before tackling the laundry tonight, or maybe just sleep straight through until tomorrow and get an early jump on things. We'll see how things work out.

*"Sell the horses. Sell the cows. Sell 'em all. Sell 'em now."
Tags: domestic stuff, family drama, work
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