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and do you hear me calling?

On the homestretch now. P is busy consolidating a bunch of stuff into my Samsonite, and after that...well, I take her to the airport and the next time I see her it'll probably be AD.

I was up until about midnight last night doing the driver shuffle with Karl after getting the bed out to his and Joella's place (some of P's stuff got dropped off there too, and I have to retrieve it Saturday) and getting most of P's other stuff unloaded at her mother's. That was tons of fun, but it could have been worse. Couldn't get the truck backed in from the alley - too damn icy - but it was all boxes and relatively light furniture, so he and I and P managed to get it all unloaded without too much frustration and annoyance. I need to go back and recover most of those boxes so I can deal with the stuff P wants to get rid of as opposed to the limited amount of stuff she wants moved.

Obviously, I had to take half a day's PTO to help her get stuff done this morning before the flight out, but this'll be the last time for quite a while that'll be necessary. I've also misplaced the keys to the rental truck and my TX, but those are probably in Karl's Kia. I hope.

Thanks to stuckintraffik for putting P up on his basement futon last night; it made everything a lot easier this morning.
Tags: family drama
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