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Well, that ended well, anyway.

Managed to calm my angried-up stomach by the time I needed to leave for class - the last Special Needs class - so I went, stopping at Subway to grab a couple of foot-longs since phonenixalpha as usual didn't want to eat her own cooking. The class was okay once I got a couple of ice teas down - as usual, it ran the gamut of special needs students from sociopaths and Oppositional/Defiant Disorder to autistic kids and English Language Learners, which is the current term for immigrant kids who aren't literate in English yet. Very poignant videos about autistic kids (The Child Who Couldn't Play) and ELL kids (My First Day In American School), the latter being about a Hmong kid who can't read or understand much spoken English trying to make his way through the first day of high school.

Came home, took my meds (on a cup of yogurt this time, having learned from experience) and waded through the renewal FAFSA. I think I'm going to get hosed on student loans this year on account of the house sale last year and the IRA withdrawal that preceded it, but we'll see how that works out. For now I'll confine myself to looking over the Fall schedule and seeing what looks likely.
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