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Grim at Blackfive has some thoughts on strategy as it applies to the Long War, and Wretchard at the Belmont Club has some related thoughts by way of responding to more Andrew Sullivan whinging about how we ought to pull out and let the Shiites get on with the ethnic cleansing. Not that Saint Andrew would put it quite that way, of course.
Wretchard also speculates that W has decided to go with the Keane/Kagan plan that calls for a surge of troops to be used in the clearing and holding of Baghdad. Be interesting to see if that's what happens.

Also in Blackfive, more dog-bites-man news about the heroic conduct of UN peacekeeping forces around the world. If your idea of "heroic" includes raping children, that is. Haven't we wasted enough money on these assholes? I'm all for giving the new Sec-Gen a shot, but this kind of hideous crap has to stop, and I don't think it's going to until we start stringing up some of the Secretariat.

Last, Uber Pig at Enlisted Swine gives his opinion about gays in the military, keying off General Shalikashvili's weekend op-ed on the subject. You might be surprised, you might not. (Via Blackfive, which has more to say about it.)