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Should've joined the Teamsters

Once in a while I get the feeling that I've made the wrong turn somewhere in my life, and finding out that I get to drive the Budget rental truck with all my daughter's crap in it over to her mother's is one of those times. Life would definitely have been different if I'd followed my Uncle Brendan's example and driven trucks for a living - and maybe I wouldn't have gotten stuck driving the rented trucks all the damn time just because I'm good at it. On the other hand, Uncle Brendan isn't exactly living the life of Riley these days, so maybe I made the right choice of careers after some fumbling around on the fringes of Corporate America.

The good news is that we're just going to unload everything at my ex-wife's place, after which maybe I can just go home and do laundry, or drag it all over to the laundromat. Whatever works.