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Things were going so well, this morning...and then I get to work and my stomach starts trying to crawl up my esophagus and fight its way to freedom. I managed to get through the AU closures and check the openings, help a couple of people figure out what was going on with their GL reports, and then tell my boss I was going home to vomit in the quiet and privacy of my own bathroom.

I thought for a while that taking the amoxicillin along with orange juice might have been the culprit, but on further review, it probably had more to do with taking it on an empty stomach - along with the diabetes meds - and washing it down with coffee. Not the brightest move, considering that the amoxicillin and the Glucophage both advise taking the pills along with food.

You know, I thought wisdom was supposed to come with age, but I'm starting to have my doubts.
Tags: medical stuff, work
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