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Colby Cosh asks "Does America need a Foreign Legion?" in the National Post; Kate and some of her commenters call BS; Jim Dunnigan says "Not so fast..." while pointing out that historically the Army has always had large numbers of foreigners and recent immigrants in the ranks. During the Civil War, for example, both the Union and the Confederacy had Irish regiments (the Union's Irish Brigade from New York being particularly famous) and the Union's XI Corps was noted for its numerous Germans, many of them recruited by the inept but energetic Franz Sigel. I think it would be kinda cool to pick up a brigade of Gurkhas, myself.

In the Sandbox, Bungie and Microsoft give the troops the opportunity to help test HALO 3. (Blackfive) Related: Armed Forces find out console gamers are naturals at handling fire control systems and UAVs. Apparently the next step is going to be deciding whether new control systems will be hueg like XBox or flingable like Wii...

Oh, yeah...some old loser got pwnz0r3d by the Iraqis over the weekend. Good riddance.

UPDATE: Interestingly enough, it turns out that there's a reinforced battalion's worth of Gurkhas serving as constabulary in Singapore. They get high marks for professionalism (duh) and for not being involved in any of the local ethnic politics.
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