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It still feels like 2006

The first week of January is always kind of awkward. There's a lot of time spent tying up the loose ends left over from last year, doing administrative stuff to get ready for the new year, and some unavoidable looking back at what happened in 2006.

This particular work day started off on the wrong foot. Any day when you wake up to Garrison Keillor's lugubrious bloviations about the Vietnam War is going to suck, and so far I think it's just dumb luck that's allowed me to avoid whatever hideous fate has been prepared for me. That having been said, I rolled over, found the remote for the stereo in less than two shakes and shut that sucker off. Gyaah. I then got up, even though I could have slept in for another ten minutes or so, and went about the business of getting ready for work. Oddly, I felt better than I should have, considering I only got about five hours of sleep after staying up too late thrashing the Mayans in Rise of Nations (I think I may finally have gotten the hang of that game) and reading the Geobreeders: Unfriendly Skies tankoban. Evidently it was quality sleep.

Today's main mission (replacing lost ski gloves with new ski gloves) has been accomplished, and other things are likewise getting checked off the to-do list. This day will be full of accomplishment and win.
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