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Nothing passive about it

A feast of links from Rachel's joint:

Natural beauty is the myth; what fashion & celebrity magazines sell is the hard truth, that anyone can be beautiful with enough time, money and effort. This reminds me of one woman's comment in Camille Paglia's MIT Lecture: "You have to spend an hour in the gym, an hour getting cleaned up and dressed - there's nothing passive about it!"

Become an hero while seeing the world: the ten most dangerous roads.


Ursula LeGuin, Hans Christian Andersen, and The Wind in the Willows - the good and bad of childrens' fantasy. I remember seeing a presentation of "The Little Match Girl" on TV years ago, with Danny Kaye playing the part of Andersen, and all the alarm bells were going off. It seemed hideously sad and wrong to me, not the sort of thing children should be watching at all. Then again, the original Grimm's Fairy Tales weren't meant for children either, as Jin-Roh reminds us with its recounting of the original Little Red Riding Hood tale.
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