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cheese for my cracker

Slept in late again today and it didn't really matter since they let us go from work at 3:30 today - or they would have if we were balanced, which we weren't. In the end I got out at 4, though I stuck around a little longer taking care of some AD business. Tonight I'm going to have to skip windelina's mahjongg party since I'm really not feeling up to driving up there through the rain/snow, which as usual is making people stupid. P and I need to get some grocery shopping done anyway for Christmas, since we are going to do the ham thing. What the hell, I have a table, I might as well use it for something besides cleaning my pistol.

Still not feeling 100%...maybe if I get the chance to sleep in tomorrow before cleaning and baking I'll feel more like being constructive. I'd better. I need to do laundry and get this place cleaned up some.

Currently reading William Manchester's A World Lit Only By Fire. Aside from his New England Episcopalian dislike for the Catholic Church, which comes through very clearly, it's an absorbing read and is making me think about some old-school D&D.
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