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Ten things I love...

...that start with the letter "R". Thus I am charged by qob!

1. Rumiko Takahashi. One of the most popular Japanese mangaka, she's probably best known for the harem comedies Urusei Yatsura and Ranma 1/2, but she's done some very serious stories as well.

2. Rolling Stones. Even if they'd never done anything besides It's Only Rock and Roll and Some Girls, I'd still love them.

3. Roxy Music. Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera, Paul Thompson and Andy Mackay. Six great albums with six hot covers.

4. Ramones. Need I say more.

5. Richard Sharpe's adventures.

6. Railroads. Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved freight trains, always loved to watch them roll by while I wondered what was in those big rolling boxes and where it was going. Passenger trains, not so much, although I certainly enjoyed my time spent on the Deutsches Bundesbahn when I was stationed in West Germany.

7. Roman Catholicism. I've tried that Maronite and Ukrainian flava, but I loves my Latin Rite Mass the best.

8. Republica Dominicana. I'd like to go back there sometime and make some new memories.

9. Reading. One of the great pleasures of life.

10. Russia. A fascinating history, unfortunately also tragic and horrible by turns. One of the interests my father gave me.

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