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Sunday night, desu.

I'm feeling completely inert tonight - not tired, just apathetic about doing anything. So I suppose it's a good thing that I have to get off my ass, get in the truck, and go downtown to maintain P's cat. I'm also going to take another stab at finding P's plants and watering them. She claims to have plants, but I'm damned if I saw any when I went to feed the cat last night.

So while I'm heading out, I might as well chuck some garbage. It doesn't take long to accumulate a couple bags' worth of trash around here, between the junk mail, food and other detritus of daily life - and that's full-size kitchen garbage bags. *sigh*

Laundry will just have to wait for tomorrow night after I hit the library. I have enough casual days stickers to paper my cube; might as well use 'em. Not that anyone can tell what kind of shirt I'm wearing under a sweatshirt anyway, and I think I'll be doing that until my internal thermostat figures out what temperature it really is.
Tags: domestic stuff
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