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Working without a plan

Have accomplished absolutely nothing today except...well, nothing. Which is good, really, because if I'm just laying around browsing /b/ and sucking up water with the occasional Tylenol then my body can get on with the important job of nuking the infection in my leg, with some Arc Light strikes by Levaquin. All you people down on Big Pharma can STFU - this stuff rules.

Yes, if laughter were the best medicine, after a day reading /b/ I'd be running through the streets smacking people in the forehead yelling "HEAL!" because I would be utterly disgustingly healthy. Especially after getting my nervous system rewired. Still in the research stage, but really hopeful though.

So even though today has been full of fail from the library and haircut perspective, it has been full of win from the healing perspective. Now I have to go water P's cat and feed her computer. Or something. Apparently her day has been full of win as well.
Tags: domestic stuff, family drama, medical stuff
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