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This is for the questions that don't have any answers

Yeah, I'm at work. Fever, infection and all...I'm coping with the help of Tylenol, which is making everything hurt not quite so much as it did yesterday, and tonight after work I have only three things on my agenda:

1. Put gas in the truck.
2. Pick up my Levaquin at WalMart.
3. Bed.

It's not going to be a terribly exciting weekend, just me, my Levaquin and a big bottle of water. In bed. The clinic wasn't too happy about my refusing to come in and get looked at, but really - that's a waste of my time and the doctor's. I've been through this enough times that I recognize the symptoms, and I know enough to get my ass to urgent care if things go sideways. In the end they called in the prescription anyway - it was either that or refer me to urgent care after work, which would have been dumb for all of the reasons previously mentioned.
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