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Everybody knows Jesus, you'll meet him when you are dead

I should have known something was wrong this morning at work, because it was freezing in there while the outside temperature was in the 40s, and this is a sign. Nobody else was cold, and this too is a sign. I managed to make it to Buca, have some food, get saddled with the leftovers...and afterward's when it got bad. Every joint and muscle group started hurting like hell, and since I was walking down to 12th & 3rd to catch the 535, that made the pain feel extra specially awful.

I came home, called P to let her know I was sick and not going to the range, and went straight to bed. A couple of hours later I woke up thrashing my way free of the covers, unable to tell whether it was 1900 Thursday night or 0700 Friday morning. (After a few minutes of stark terror WRT work, I remembered to use the light on my watch and calmed down.) So. I don't see anything obviously wrong with either leg, so I think I'll just take my pills, have some Tylenol, and go back to bed I have a lot of stuff to do at work tomorrow, to say nothing of getting the keys to P's place so I can feed the cat.
Tags: family drama, medical stuff
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