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...and they're sweeping out the hall.

A couple of follow-up links to yesterday's omnibus post about Kofi Annan and Augusto Pinochet:
At Chicago Boyz (appropriately enough) a useful counterpoint to the Wikipedia article about Pinochet which covers the facts of the coup and Allende's feckless behvior that led up to it. The Chilean situation is less reminiscent of the Spanish Civil War than it first appears, apparently. (Instapundit)
Meanwhile, Claudia Rosett did in fact write the speech Annan should have given, and it's in the National Review. (Captain Ed)

There are a number of things I probably should have done last night instead of sitting around plumbing the depths of depravity on 4chan (especially on /d/; it is indeed for futanari) and eating pizza, but except for the dishes and queuing up some books on my library request list, none of those things got done. At least I slept well.
Tags: culture & politics, domestic stuff, history
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