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Some changes are good

Met up with P in the Skyroom over at Dayton's Marshall Field's Macy's for a run at the salad bar, and since it was a pleasantly balmy 44 degrees outside I walked from the Tower down 7th to the Big Store and passed through the first floor to the express elevator.
It was hard not to notice that Macy's had given that floor of the store a pretty complete makeover. Sure, it's still all purses and coats and gloves and Coach and Louis Vuitton and cosmetics, but there's a much more open feel to the place. The old layout, which hadn't changed since the Dayton's era, reminded me of what people complain about when they talk about Wal-Mart: narrow, claustrophobically crowded aisles. That's gone, and you can now see from one end of the floor to the other so long as you're not a dwarf. I'm not any more likely to shop there than I was (most of the astuff they sell is way too upscale for me) but it's a lot nicer to visit and walk through.

The Skyroom now has a maitre d' who arranges your seating for you; ISTR there was one back in the Dayton's days, and it's good to see one on duty again. No other changes apparent, except that the napkins now have the Macy's logo instead of Marshall Fields'. Salad bar still rules.
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