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Whoa! That's not supposed to come off like that!

Collected P, took her to Kaplan's, and then headed out to the pistol range. We got three targets - two silhouette and one bullseye, paid for those and a lane, got our ear protectors, and went in to load the magazines and get some firing in.

Well, I got mine in, anyway. We taped one of the silhouettes to the cardboard, ran it out to 25 yards, and I worked by way through forty rounds until the safety fell out of the pistol. This brought range time to a premature end, and caused us to head over to Karl's place for some more gunsmithing. He quickly found the problem (the firing pin had gotten rotated the wrong way, apparently - NOT MY FAULT DAMN IT!) and fixed it, but it was too late to get back to the range. :( We're tentatively planning to go back Wednesday night so Melody can get some shooting in before she heads East...and gets more range time in, probably. All that aside, it looks like I'm still doing okay in spite of not practicing for eight months; except for a couple of rounds, all the hits were in the center of mass. Lousy shot groups, but then I've never done well in that regard and since I'm not planning on taking up sniping as a career I'm not too concerned. The ammo this time was Silver Bear hollowpoints instead of the standard ball ammo I used last time, and it seemed to have a touch less kick to it. I may try to find more of it, but not from the Frontiersman. Surliness has its costs.

I think I'll do a little cleaning up around here and then go to bed early.
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