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Well, at least I got it clean...

Yesterday was just chock-full of bad customer service and other screwups, and just to put the icing on the cake, I missed the Root for Earl benefit over at Station 4. Then again, P's still too young to be going to 21+ shows, so it could have been kind of awkward.

Disassembling Masha and cleaning her wasn't too difficult, but I hit the wall when it came to reassembling her - I couldn't get the sear back in to save my life. The Frontiersman in St. Louis Park, who had originally sold her to me, didn't have a gunsmith on premises and were extremely cranky when I asked how much it would cost to get her put back together. So we bought the ammo we needed and left. P called our friend Karl the gunsmith and cut a deal for him to get the sear back in. I didn't feel so bad after watching him spend about half an hour wrestling with the sear and the sear spring, especially since he was going at it with a couple of fairly brawny needle-nose pliers. He agreed with me that the sensible thing to do was buy toothbrush to clean that part of the pistol and leave the sear ALONE. No need to tell me twice!

By this point in the evening P and I decided that the next thing on the agenda was food, so we went back to her place, dropped off Masha at her apartment (the Sportage has no trunk, and I didn't fancy taking the case into the restaurant) and went to Ichiban, where we had the worst service we've ever had in our lives. Sure, the sushi was good (if rather slow in arriving) but I got the distinct feeling that the waiters were avoiding the sushi bar. P almost had to grab one of them to get something to drink besides water -which wasn't being refilled that often either.

That took us up to 2000, and by the time we got to Bill's we would be spending $30 for about half an hour of shooting, which would have been just dumb. So shooting was postponed until today, and we headed out to redmartel's place to do some AD business; dropped P off around 2200 and went home to bed. This may be the first Saturday in quite a while that I've gone to sleep before midnight, and it was well worth it. Mmm, tasty yummy sleep.

Today we'll hit Kaplan's (if they're open) and the Burnsville Pistol Range, which definitely is.
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