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Tryin' to free my mind

Up way too late last night playing Arkham Horror over at thaadd's place, but it went pretty well - it's not every game you actually get to thrash the Unspeakable Horror, although I note that both times it's happened, vorrant has been our tank. Came home about 0200 and wasted more time on a random walk through Wikipedia. This morning/afternoon - laundry, cleaning Masha, and getting ready for this afternoon's trip to the gun range.

I'm sorry, but this kind of behavior is just fucked up. Some people need to have their knuckles whacked and their toys taken away until they learn how to behave. (Instapundit)

Big damn heroes indeed. How often does this happen? (Instapundit)

Last but not least, for the benefit of redmartel among others, some Korean tabloid crap. I have to agree with this commenter, if they remade this for American TV Rachael Ray would have to play the lead. Judging from the smiling visage on my Triscuit box, (and, say, this pic) she'd be a close match for the original star, Lee Young-ae.
Tags: domestic stuff, linkagery, the bush of fandom, wargaming
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