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We're coming, ready or not

Disappointing but not terribly surprising day on the scales (missed the last couple of at-work weighins); tipped them at 428.6, which is a gain of ten pounds since this time last month. Too much eating and not enough exercise; what else is new?

From Wired comes news that Firefly is going to be made into an MMORPG a la Eve Online. Shiny indeed...one wonders how long it'll be before the Ziru Sirka and the Third Imperium rear their virtual heads. (Instapundit)

Jane Galt has her Christmas DVD recommendations posted, among which are Firefly, Sapce:Above and Beyond, and The Complete Bertie & Jeeves Megaset, starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. I can't believe she's still single, but then again she does lives in New York and is a Yankees fan - which just goes to show that nobody's perfect. Ah, well.

I'm rolling this post by Cobb on deportment and integrity around in my head, because it's sparking off thoughts. Maybe later tonight I'll have something coherent put together.

P and I are going to relieve some stress tomorrow by heading over to Bill's Gun Shop in Robbinsdale and spending some time on the range. It's been a while, and I probably should have done this sooner.
Tags: family drama, fat, linkagery
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