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In the wake of the unfortunate wankage at ursulav's joint*, I finally went out and got a GMail account for the express purpose of dealing with LJ-related mail. I'll probably use it for other stuff, so if you see a semi-familiar gmail.com address in your in-box, yeah, it's probably me.

Lots of stuff I should do tonight, but first of all I'm going to grab a sandwich and get the laundry going. The temperature was up to 19 when I caught the bus home, but I don't fancy hauling all this stuff to the laundromat if the laundry room's in use.

UPDATE: Inertia wins again - decided to just wash some stuff out in the sink along with the support stockings and do laundry tomorrow night (because nobody ever used to use the laundry room on Friday night) or Saturday morning. I have no plans for either time slot, because I have no life.
On a more positive note, I did establish that the microwave rice cooker also works well as a vegetable irradiation device, at least as far as bags o' frozen veggies go. Healthy eating, rah, rah. Plus, since I'm not doing laundry, I can go to bed early, which is always good.
Last but not least, it's bam2's birthday! I really have to check out this "My LJ" thing a little more often; I'm pretty sure I missed somebody's birthday through not reading it consistently.

*Don't bother going to look for it; she deleted the thread. Which is fine with me - it's not like anything constructive was going on. To the contrary, I could feel brain cells dying while I was trying to engage these people on their own level.
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