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Even a look can burn your eyes out

Back into the freezer today - temperature at the bus stop was 1 below zero, and according to Yahoo the wind chill was -19. The Sportage, tough little Korean honey that it is, started right up.

Managed to find Shadow of the Giant, which had been MIA for about a week, and so I returned my books to the library. Next step is to drop by this weekend and get caught up on my fines; before that, I'll hop on the Internet and put a few more books on the reserve list. There's a few titles I've been interested in, and now that they're off the best-seller lists (or been out a while) I should be able to get them pretty quickly and easily.

Tonight I have to do laundry...been putting it off all week, and now I have to decide between spending all evening running up & down stairs to the laundry room or piling everything into the Sportage and driving off to the laundromat. Through the cold. Which will suck. So I guess I'll stay home and get a little extra exercise, and get some other stuff done in between trips to the laundry room. Like, say, hunting down the stray items I have to send back to Newegg that I forgot to throw in the box last night and this morning. That should kill about fifteen minutes...

Today is Pearl Harbor Day, and a number of other bloggers have remembrances of the day up, notably Mitch Berg, who also reminds us that the Pearl Harbor vets are dying off; Michelle Malkin also remembers the day, and includes some quality linkagery; Rachel offers some significant photographs to help us remember.

What if we applied the single-payer health care notion to groceries? London Fog has the mordantly amusing answer. (h/t Kate)
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