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Not dead yet

Actually, aside from being in what seemed like a perpetual low-energy state all month, I managed to get through November without losing a single work day to illness. That doesn't happen too often these days, and I'm pretty happy about it. Hopefully I can continue the winning streak into the new year...all I have to do, really, is get back into a groove of reasonable bedtimes preceded by foot moisturization and I should be okay.

Part of the key to that will be somehow avoiding the slump in energy I've been experiencing after I get home from work in the evening....maybe slamming a mug of tea when I get in would help.

Unusually busy today at work - been handed a project reminiscent of last year's zombie dog pound antics, since evidently some of the old Norwest cost centers we thought had been shut down after the transition to 1GL have been brought back to a sort of half-life where they accumulate volumes from the billing process but don't actually generate actual charges since their processing flags are set to N. So once again I have to wander through the databases and kill off the undead processes. As I said then, "It's a living," and it keeps me busy & out of trouble besides.
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