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2006 in twelve sentences

Extremely long sentences, in some cases. Ganked from edwarddain.

January: "As a wonderful example of the wisdom of delegation, the AD NYE party was all set up and rolling by the time I got there with the hard drive - redmartel and stuckintraffik had already brought in munchies and pop, ordered pizza, set up the Room Party Kit, and blown up the new amp."

February: [And this is how our Wednesday goes...] "...late, cold, nearly broke and wondering why the Internets are acting so gorram capricious."

March: "So this morning I fire up the Deskpro, on the off chance that Firefox and Thunderbird will be able to see the Internets again, but not really expecting anything."

April: "Such great plans for today, laid waste by inertia or other people having family stuff to deal with...but the laundry is my own fault, and that's all there is to say about that."

May: "First, I put on my blue shirt."

June: "Bookshelves assembled last night: 0"

July: "Set up the new nose hose last night, and it seems to work well enough although I think the pressure isn't set as high as on the old one...of course, since that one's been dropped a few times in the course of various local, regional and other trips it probably isn't on the same setting any more either."

August: "Every so often people make the mistake of thinking that just because somebody knows a lot about X, they also know a lot about Y."

September: "Last night was pretty much wasted - couldn't get the wireless to cooperate and I didn't feel like moving Cowzilla back to the living room, so absolutely nothing productive was accomplished, and if you sent me mail, I'm sorry but I didn't see it."

October: Now is the time on Sprockets when we do memeage. {The 28 Questions meme}

November: "Today was a day of appalling slowness at work, and I wound up doing a fair amount of writing."

December: You read too many books, you've seen too many plays... {The Seduction Style meme}

Resolution for 2007: No more starting the month with memes.
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