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Back to the drawing board

Welp, that card loaded up okay, but when it came time for it to play it locked up the TX. I'll reformat it and try again, this time doing it the way I'm supposed to using the Palm software install tool.

In other news, I may have committed one of the great blunders in fandom, comparable to getting involved in a land war in Asia or going up against a Sicilian when death is on the line (if you're not the Dread Pirate Roberts, of course): arguing with HP fanfic fans. It all started when I expressed skepticism in the comments to this Ursula Vernon LJ post that beta readers would have helped Ms. Rowling with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; matters then degenerated into an argument about the relative merits of professional writers who have several best sellers on their resumes, and fanfic writers who don't. O, t3h drama. I'm trying to extract myself by replying to comments with: "Yeah, that's your opinion. Whatever." since these people are pretty clearly off the deep end, but I have the sinking feeling that this is doomed to end up on fandom_wank.

It's still cold out there, but not quite as bad as yesterday. It's also not as cold inside as it was yesterday. The barn animals that walk like accountants are evidently taking the graffiti-ized sign on the print room door (I scribbled over the word "mostly" before "closed", so that the sign now reads PLEASE KEEP THIS DOOR MOSTLY CLOSED) seriously.
Tags: ihtfp, tech stuff, the bush of fandom, work
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