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I'm in the rear with the women and the forties of beer!

Well, today was largely a waste of my time and the Evil Banking Neighbor's money, considering that I spent about an hour of it chasing a 90-cent error in our month-end settlement that had somehow slipped by both me and my supervisor. At $16/hour, this doesn't strike me as a real useful use of personnel (as a Corporate AdvantageTM or otherwise) but they're not paying me for that kind of opinion. Their loss. *shrug*

The 4GB SD card from Newegg arrived via UPS today along with the USB read/write device for same, which made loading said card with music a lot easier than it was when all I had to work with was the Palm software installation package, which requires you to do a HotSync to get stuff into the Palm and its card. Wound up spending all evening at home moving songs and ripping more songs and moving freshly ripped songs to the card, which means laundry must wait for tomorrow night, but that's okay since it's going to be warmer tomorrow night. Not that that would take much.

Time to plug in the TX and go to sleep.
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