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The list is supposed to be a tool, and other helpful reminders

I didn't get all the stuff done that I wanted to this weekend, but at least there's less garbage around the place than there was Friday, and I only have one full sink of dirty dishes. stuckintraffik managed to retrieve the missing Excel files from my old slave drive this morning, and then much food was eaten (maybe too much) at various times and places. There was also an AD meeting...I'm not feeling as engaged with it as I was. I'm still making the occasional wise-ass comment, but by and large I'm just not paying attention to most of what's going on in the other departments. Not that I'm going to do a half-ass job with either of the jobs I have, but...*shrug* I don't know.

Yesterday after the registration meeting, P hared off to the wilds of Plymouth with pkat and shorinai to hang out, study Perl, and talk about yaoi do whatever it is young women do when the guys aren't there. So I went home and mucked around with Operational Art of War for a few hours, but eventually hacking the OB got boring. I also finished the Sharpe book I picked up on payday (Sharpe's Triumph) and ripped all the CDs I bought last week to Cowzilla except the Add N to [X]. So I'll be all ready to copy them onto the SD card when it arrives tomorrow.

Guess I'll do laundry tomorrow night - as far as work goes, I'll just burn a casual day sticker and say the hell with it.

I think the cold is really messing with my emotional state. If my cash flow didn't suck so badly at the moment, I'd go home with P to Washington weekend after next. It's 39 degrees there now...and 11 here with the wind chill pushing it down to 2.
Tags: anime detour, domestic stuff, ihtfp
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