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And I feed on all that is forsaken

Did grocery shopping, some Christmas shopping, and way too much music shopping last night, including an extremely frustrating go-round with Barnes & Noble's internet store. People, if you plan on staying in the game against Amazon, you better fix this goddamn store, because this crap about the store remembering your e-mail address and refusing to let you reset the password because it's been over a year since you used their store with that e-mail address...it sucks. Hard. And not in a good way.

Another Lou Reed compilation, which turned out not to have the version of "Coney Island Baby" that I'm looking for either, Ted Nugent's Great Gonzos compilation (which replaces the cassette version), U2's How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (which I only wanted for "Vertigo", really) and two CDs by bands not previously in the vast and catholic collection of the Chief Wombat.

The first is the extremely awesome and impressive Devil Without A Cause by Kid Rock. No, wait, come back! I'm serious, damn it! Not having listened to more Eminem than I had to, I can't say whether the Kid is the only true example of Motor City metal rap, or whether he's just out on the fringe of post-grunge metal with Korn. I don't know, and I don't much care. What I do know is that this CD had eight solid tracks on it, ranging from the hilarious "Cowboy" to the poignant "Only God Knows Why", which is a lot more quality music than I usually find on a CD these days. Like the man says, when it's real, you can feel it, and I can definitely feel what Kid Rock is putting out here. Good stuff, and highly recommended.

The second, which I have yet to listen to all the way through, is A Place In The Sun by Pablo Cruise. I think they got unfairly lumped in with a lot of other soft-rock bands from the 70s like Orleans and Firefall, myself, since they have a unique sound of their own that puts them somewhere between the bouncy pop of the Beach Boys and the wistful country-rock of the early Eagles. I like it, anyway, and even if the title cut is the only good thing on the album - and I'm pretty sure it isn't - it's at least as good as the replacement U2 CD I picked up.

Today, a little garbage hauling, a trip to the library, a registration meeting, some wine shopping for P, and some data recovery with stuckintraffik. Work, work, work.
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