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Another day at the trencher

Not actually so bad today dietarily. True, the day did start off with an Egg McMuffin meal (small OJ) but I was good at lunchtime and had a turkey sandwich at Jimmy John's with mustard instead of mayo. This brought my blood sugar down to 97 by the time I left work at 5:30, and since I didn't make it over to Chipotle until it had closed, Melody and I made a quick stop at Jerusalem's where I had the large shawirma and the appetizer combo (falafel, fried cauliflower, hummus & pita) before heading over to the ATC meeting. It'll be interesting to see how the blood sugar looks tomorrow, and even more interesting to see how the points work out since I forgot my Weight Watchers stuff when I left for work this morning.

Picked up the new Baseball Prospectus today at B&N and got it signed by one of the authors, Nate Silver. Mmmmm. Yummy sabermetric goodness. I think the 2003 Prospectus was a big factor in vaulting me to second place in my Yahoo! league last summer, and I'm hopig to do as well again. We'll see how it goes.