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You don't care about winning, you just don't want to lose

I should know better than to go into places like Cheapo or Discland, because when I don't find what I'm looking for I usually browse around and find two or three other things I wouldn't mind having. Tonight was a good case in point. After finishing my shopping at the WalMart and grabbing some beef at the Arby's, I checked out Discland hoping they'd have a copy of Blue Oyster Cult's On Your Feet Or On Your Knees, which is probably around here someplace in the wrong CD package, but the place is enough of a mess that I don't want to rummage through another half-dozen boxes looking for it. As luck would have it, they didn't have that CD (or Hall & Oates' Along The Red Ledge, or BTO's Head On...) but I wound up walking out with the Eagles' One of These Nights, Lou Reed's Definitive Collection and Husker Du's Candy Apple Grey, the last of which was worth it just for the title.

The Eagles' album is my favorite of the three, being a gorgeous fusion of country rhythms and themes with rock guitar, particularly on the sentimental ballads "Lyin' Eyes", "Take It To The Limit", and "After the Thrill Is Gone", the latter two of which never get played often enough on the radio.

On the other hand, Candy Apple Grey was somewhat of a disappointment. Grant Hart cannot sing, and aside from the mordant "Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely" and "Sorry Somehow", there's really not much good on there.

Finally, I got the wrong Lou Reed CD. While this one has all his hits, the studio version of "Coney Island Baby" is irritatingly bland compared to the live version I remember from Walk On The Wild Side. Ah well...it's still good to have "Vicious" and "Temporary Thing".

Oh yeah - I see BTO's Head On has finally been re-released on CD. About damn time.
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