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True blue love

Finished Kou Fumizuki's Ai Yori Aoshi #4 today (for the second time) and so far the manga is still doing a good job of being mainly a romance between Aoi and Kaoru instead of a harem comedy with Kaoru the unwilling sultan. This collection introduces a new character, the initially annoying Mayu Mizuki, who at first appears to be this manga's answer to C-ko (see Project A-ko or Chibi-Usa from Sailor Moon) but after a few episodes turns out to be more of a Poor Little Rich Girl - a young woman who is massively spoiled by her rich, jet-setting parents in terms of designer clothes, expensive gifts, etc. but get consistently shorted on the one thing she really wants, which is a little bit of attention from Mommy & Daddy. It's hard not to sympathize, especially after Chapter 33, "Kugutsu/Puppet", in which we see that Kaoru and Mayu have a real bond...

...though not one to match the love between Aoi and Kaoru. Mayu is extremely forward, literally wrapping herself around Kaoru when she sees him again for the first time in four years, and soon drives Tina to drink (not all that hard to do, actually) as well as annoying Taeko, which is pretty tough to do. It's going to be interesting to see how Kaoru is going to break the news to Mayu and Tina that he already has a serious love in his life - and it isn't either one of them.

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