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You'd better dance, little lady; dance, little man...

There's some discussion of the confrontation between W and Senator-elect Webb at the reception for newly elected Congresscritters the other day at Blackfive and Ann Althouse's blog, and the reactions in the comments are so predictable and tedious. It's part of what's burned me out on politics of late - people aren't really thinking any more, they're just reflexively jerking in response to stimuli and that's boring, to say nothing of useless. Maybe part of the problem is that we're all just reacting too much in the heat of the moment, instead of sitting back and thinking about events and ideas, weighing them to see if they really have any significance in the long term. Or, as the Bride does here, looking at things from a different point of view. Is Webb deliberately - or unconsciously - playing a role as he steps into a Senator's shoes? What sort of character is it, and can we get any insights by looking at Judd Smith?

My friend Richard down home is in the hospital, but my friend with the breast cancer may not have it after all. It all reminds me that I'm getting into the stage of life where people I know are liable to start dying on me.

In other news...well, there isn't any. Last night was largely wasted reading blogs and eating pizza.
Aside from the dreams earlier this week, I'm sleeping surprisingly well, considering that I'm using Solzhenitsyn's GULAG Archipelago for bedtime reading.
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