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This could be my testimony

Board meeting last night was fairly productive, with a minimum of time spent on convention stuff, and I was home by 2100 even after dropping P of at her place. I think meeting at redmartel's place was an excellent idea and the BBQ from Famous Dave's wasn't bad either. Nice to be able to talk without all the background noise we've usually had to cope with in the past when we've met at restaurants.

One of my former co-workers, who left to take a job across the street in another division of the Evil Banking Neighbor, is seeing the oncologists today to see whether or not she has inflammatory breast cancer. If it is, I hope she's caught it early enough; if it isn't, hopefully it's nothing serious and can be whupped quickly. It's not what she needs to be dealing with on top of all the other crap in her life.

Third installment from the Cardboard Box Fund arrived today; checks went out and the 4GB SD card was ordered from Newegg. I was briefly tempted by this offer but I could be waiting a while for that rebate...and I'd still be 3GB short. I expect to have the new card and associated USB read/write gizmo by Monday at the latest, and then I'll be able to pack the rest of my music along. Well, after I get done re-ripping the songs that I saved as WMAs on Cowzilla, anyway.

Today's Megatokyo was particularly moving. Poor little robot girl - smart enough to successfully mimic joseikousei, but not equipped with the diagnostics that would tell her what's broken. Of course, as Nanasawa observes, people aren't either.


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Nov. 30th, 2006 05:03 am (UTC)

Megatokyo is fun - I presume you have seen the insane
depravity that is SexyLosers? WAY over the top, and now
defunct as the artist (hard) has decided not only to not do
them any longer, but also has taken his site down. Funny
beyond description, and stuff where you can't beleve you
were laughing about, it was so out of bounds, but you were....

On another front, are you aware that RLB is in the hospital?
He is OK, will be out in a few days - Dutch saw him today,
he can fill in details better than I.

Peace and grace,
Nov. 30th, 2006 01:28 pm (UTC)
Didn't get to see SexyLosers, unfortunately.

Mr. B is in the hospital? WTF!?! (Nobody tells me anything!)
This sucks! I'll drop a line to Dutch and get the details. Thanks for letting me know.

Peace I think I can manage, grace on the other hand has always been a problem. Or is it the other way around?
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