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I got no friends 'cause they read the papers

I've been remiss in relating the events of the weekend, most notably the Black Friday dinner at thaadd's place, so in order to kill that particular ob...

Due to an unaccustomed attack of the Holiday Spirit, the managers here at the Evil Banking Neighbor let those few of us actually working Friday loose at 4 PM, so P and I hopped in the Kia and decided to hit Surdyk's for wine and cheese (and maybe some crackers) before proceeding to Chez Thaadd, since they'd probably have the best selection of those items in the neighborhood. Well, we were half right. The German wine aisle (I don't recommend other wines because I don't know where they've been, or who's been washing their feet with them) was awash in bottle upon bottle of Riesling, as if no other wine grapes were grown there since unification or something. We finally did find a bottle of Gewurtztraminer on the bottom shelf. On the other hand, the cheese shop was awesome, and I need to go there again if only for the Tilsit, which completely rocked my world; the Spanish brandied cheese made from sheep's milk, on the other hand, not so much.

Armed with cheese and wine (and a three foot long baguette, since they had no Triscuits) we called thaadd and headed right over. A couple of games of Arkham Horror ensued, much cheese and pie and other Thanksgiving foods were eaten, and I formed a conclusion about Arkham Horror. This is a game with a tipping point. If you have enough people playing the right characters, you can kill the monsters and seal the gates fast enough to win. If you don't have enough people, you're going to get overrun by monsters and eventually there will be too many open gates, at which point you're all dead and the only question is how long it'll take you to die. The second game (where nine of us killed and sealed to a fare-thee-well) ended around midnight since some of us had to go home and go to sleep, others had to work in the morning, and still others had to give rides to those people. Good game, though I think I'd still rather do Mythos adventuring using GURPS or the original Call of Cthulhu rules. It was a good night out, accompanied by Bjork, Finnish yodeling, and techno tracks by Massive Attack playing in the background and a lot of conversation during the game.

Saturday I stopped at Cheapo in Uptown on the way back from dropping P off, and managed to restrain myself from blowing tons of cash on CDs. I did get used copies of the long-sought On The Wires Of Our Nerves by avant-hard electronic band Add N to [X] (chebutykin, I think you might like them - they sound a lot like the Polysics) and the Eagles' Hell Freezes Over. Ripped both of those and my two Bryan Ferry CDs into Cowzilla pending the purchase of another SD card or two later this week, which was about the only useful thing I did last night before going to bed around 2200 in a feeble attempt to get back on a normal sleep schedule.

This morning has been very quiet and very dull, and the afternoon promises more of the same.

EDIT: Thanks to P for the happy shiny new icon of shiny happiness!
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