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The TX is doing quite nicely as a replacement for the late, lamented Carbon. The screen is easier to read, of course, and it's easier to jump straight to something I want to hear without wading through a bunch of menus; this may not be quite so easy when I swap the present 1GB card out for its 4GB replacement. Tiger Direct has those on sale for $40 after an unspecified rebate, so unless a better deal presents itself that's probably where I'll wind up getting it. Don't hesitate to point me at something better/faster/closer, people.

I thought about taking the bus to work this morning, but that wasn't a really good plan. First of all, the Black Friday bus schedule for the 576 was pretty screwed up, and secondly, since I'm going to thaadd's after work taking the bus would have meant either busing back out to the P&R to get the truck or an extremely long ride out there from Dinkytown. Neither of those appeals to me, frankly, so I'm paying for the Gaviidae parking. It's almost redundant to point out that the commute in was ludricrously fast.