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They're playing our tune

Stopped by the Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up prescriptions and an SD card for the TX, since it's obvious to me that the Carbon is dead, dead, dead. Got a 1 GB card, since I can get a 4GB online for the price they're asking for the SanDisk 2GB, took it home, and after fumbling around a bit finally got the thing loaded with almost 1GB worth of MP3 files. Fortunately, this covers most of the bands I like, especially James McMurtry, Poison and Blondie, so I'll be happy with it for a while. As for the standard media player software, the controls are pretty intuitive so I should be pretty well set.

Spent most of the evening cleaning up the place a bit, flipping the futon and changing the linens, and tweaking Pandora in between excursions into the odd corners of Wikipedia. Man, the Soviets sure shoveled a lot of people around until Khrushchev showed up. It's a wonder anyone (non-Russian) in the former USSR knows where home is.

Currently reading: Landscape Turned Red, by Stephen Sears and Solzenitsyn's The GULAG Archipelago.