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Some things never change, they stay the way they are

The Carbon still claims to be saving its settings after sitting all night plugged into the wall socket, which to me says "It's dead, Jim." So come tomorrow I'll be shopping for some SD cards at a reasonable price and consulting with fellow TX user jolest on what open-source music software is good for MP3 and WMA files alike. In the meantime, it's back to CDs at work.

Unsurprisingly, this morning's weigh-in stunk. After last night's massive inhalation of sandwiches at McD's, I'm up to 423...and Thanksgiving yet to be dealt with.

Drove in this morning so that P and I can head directly for the Arkham Asylum after work, and relieve cajones and chebutykin of their excess television, which will replace my stereo in the living room. (P will inherit the smaller TV/VCR combo as her recompense for helping me struggle with the new tube.) The stereo will move to the bedroom so I can doze to the peaceful strains of classical muzak at night - and have extra incentive to get up before the sonorous tones of Garrison Keillor pollute my morning.

Finals have been ordered, AUs closed, and stupid answers provided to stupid questions. Five more hours to kill, not counting lunch.

Yes, I do have Neil Young's "Opera Star" stuck in my head. There are worse things.
Tags: fat, music, tech stuff, work
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