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Revelations 13:17 (FASB)

No-one shall be allowed to debit or credit without the MARC. [/obscure accounting joke]

Ah, this morning has just dragged on forever, and the afternoon shows every indication of being just as exciting. Laundry kept me up past midnight, and I almost had to use the Emergency Can of Dark Black BOSS Coffee to pry myself out of bed. Did not make it out to the bus, or even out to the P&R in time to take the bus, so it was up 35W and into downtown to park at the Gaviidae. Another $11 hole in my checkbook.

I can't complain too much, though. I've made progress on excavating the piles of books and RPG manuals and DVDs piled around my bed (even if I haven't found the latest StippleAPA), the awful humidity has dissipated, and there is much socializing on the horizon what with sushi tomorrow night (with drunkenphlower and phoenixalpha and who knows who) the blogger bash & Minnetokyo on Saturday, and the hotel walk-through on Sunday. So it's not all good, but it doesn't completely suck, either. It's life in the big city.
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