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Yeah, pretty much

I had a meme here I'd ganked from huladavid which evaluated me as a "Dedicated Reader" but the graphics didn't work right for some reason, so I flushed it.

It's been a pretty lazy day around here. Slept in until 11, took a call from my brother and spent some time catching up. Things are going pretty well for him; sounds like he's got a shot at moving into the Chief Engineer slot one of these days. My older niece is out of the house and not driving him, my mother, and her sister nuts any more, which is also a good thing. After that call I wasted time on Luxor and Pandora. So much metal, so little electronica. Maybe I should tell it I want more Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.

Think I'm going to load up the laundry and head for the laundromat. I suppose I could do it here, but I'd have to go out and get change anyway, so I might as well just take the whole load out and get it done in one fell swoop. It's not like I have anything else on the agenda today except for dishes and garbage...well, I do need to retype the panel list from yesterday, but there's no real rush about that. I figure as long as it's out the door by Thanksgiving, it's all good.
Tags: domestic stuff, family drama
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