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Wild nights amidst the boxes

I suppose I should have mentioned that the mild depression this past week was capped off by my old reliable Sony headphones breaking on the way home Thursday night. I tried to fix them with some Krazy Glue, but either the plastic was the wrong kind or I couldn't get it to sit still long enough to bond, since it was broken at an angle above the left earpiece...anyway, I finally gave up on it after lunch and went to Radio Shack in the Gaviidae where the only non-wireless cans they had were some $49 Koss dealies with Titanium DiaphragmsTM. Wooooo. They work well enough with the Carbon, though the cord seems awfully short to me. The dude at the 'Shack also put on the hard sell to get me to extend my contract with Cingular, while I was scoping out the Sprint phones, and that ain't happening nohow noway. Who cares if they have the best coverage here if I'm moving to the DC area next year?

So last night I tore into some boxes and sorted things out a bit...pulled some loose wargame stuff together into a stack I can go through later with the correct-sized Ziplocs so that maps and counters and rules can all be reunited before being stuck in a hanging file so I don't do more dumb things like buying duplicate copies of Desert Fox and Nicaragua. The box inspection continues tonight - maybe I'll find my missing rulebook for A Gleam of Bayonets, which is what set this off. In the meantime I've found a bunch of books, manga tankouban, and loose comics, mostly part of my vast American Flagg collection but also an interesting Captain America issue featuring the Red Skull and the Kubekult, which I want to pick up the companions to. Not knowing how the story starts isn't as bad as not knowing how it ends, but it's still annoying.

One thing's for sure - I definitely need more shelving around here. Wonder how late IKEA is open on Wednesday nights? God knows I'm not going near the place on Black Friday.

The brainstorming session this afternoon went well, though there weren't too many people there. We have about four and a half pages of ideas, and I'm sure more will trickle in over the next month or so. There's also the guests, who I'm sure will have ideas of their own to add. As usual, there should be something for everyone.
Tags: anime detour, domestic stuff
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