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You've got clouds on your lids

An unusually busy day here at the Evil Banking Neighbor...I think I actually worked for at least seven of the eight hours I'm on the clock here, so not much time for farting around on the Internet.

All things considered, I think I'm going to try and ignore politics for the holiday season, which I'm arbitrarily defining as having started last Saturday. I have enough to worry about without loading all the other crap going on down home and in St. Paul on my plate and I'll have enough advance warning before the Revolution to run out and get a case of 9mm for Masha, which I can't do anything about anyway. I need to clean, I need to write, I need to make some plans, and I need to decompress a little bit before I make those plans so I can think straight...I may have to further deplete the Cardboard Box Fund, but things need to get straightened out in the present before I can think about what bridge in Arlington I'll be sleeping under in 20 years or so. ;)

A little linkagery to finish the day...
I can think of quite a few zeks who would have liked this Wisconsin program a lot better than what they got. At least they wouldn't have starved to death in the Kolyma winters. (Althouse)

I have to agree with the guy at Swarthmore who chalked, "Why don't you STFU already?" in response to this episode of what Swarthmore prof Tim Burke called Free Speech Kabuki. (Althouse)

Speaking of avoiding politics, I'm going to also tune out the talk radio for a while, including listening to Hugh Hewitt on the way home from the P&R at night. However, last night he had audio of General Abizaid's testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, which had plenty of food for thought. He didn't call for more troops, necessarily; nor did he agree that a near-term drawdown (or pullout) was a good idea. Instead he said that we needed more troops with the Iraqis to help them get up to speed. He stuck to this point despite repeated questions from Lindsey Graham and gave a good reply to Hillary Clinton's declamation that "Hope is not a strategy": "Neither is despair, ma'am." Worth listening to, whatever your attitude on the war.
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