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A trip to the old stamping grounds

Back when I lived in the old house and was just startring to sell off Dad's CDs, I'd often make a late-night high-speed run down Hiawatha Avenue to the airport post office. Tonight I had occasion to drop by there again since I was shipping out the first three of the five games I sold last night. (One is being paid for by money order and the other is waiting payment.) Turns out not only did I overestimate the weight of the games, but I also wasted money on big 3M bubble-lined envelopes to boot, since two of the games would have fit quite nicely in the free Priority Mail boxes. Except one of them was going to Canada...well, finally got them all taped up and sent out. A quick trip to the Cub for yogurt, bread, and frozen veggies ensued, and that was that for the evening.

Some tweaking of Pandora will occur until a moderately early departure for bed.

Currently reading: The Butcher's Bill, by David Drake
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