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A farewell to (cardboard) arms

Well, five of the six wargames I put up for auction sold; naturally, the one I spent the most effort on (Air War) didn't. I got fairly good prices for most of them, so I guess I can't complain; at the very least, now I can afford to replenish my supply of test strips and put some more gas in the tank before the Ameritrade withdrawal drops into my account on Friday. Or Saturday. Or Monday. It all depends on how fast Ameritrade gets my money into the ACH system and whether Wells pulls it down before the close of business. No call back from the Director of Financial Aid at St. Mary's today; maybe she's hoping that if she ignores me I'll go away.

Tomorrow I need to find a box and some packing tape for Bloody April and bring home padded envelopes for the other three. (I think I still have three of those at work.) Then I'll haul them out to the airport and ship them out.

Right now I need to pack it in and get some sleep.
Tags: domestic stuff, wargames
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